6 Strategies To Refrain You From Boosting Shitty Content

Do you want more Likes, Comments, Conversations, and generally more engagement or sentiment on paid content? Well, duh! That’s a no brainer. Everyone wants that but many are failing at this miserably. Follow along and you will see where this is ... [continue reading]

Ignore These Two Factors in Ecommerce Website Choice at Your Own Expense [Infographic]

There are no shortage of myths and bad advice about choosing an online store builder, which is why I put together the following infographic. I spent months studying thousands of sites using more than 20 ecommerce solutions, in hopes of helping ... [continue reading]

10 Facts From Gary Vaynerchuk That Helped Me Build & Grow a Business

I'm a huge fan of Gary Vee. For many that know me personally it's quite evident. For the last 3-5 years I have been an avid follower of his work, business principles, and methodologies. How can you not be though? He is probably one of the most ... [continue reading]

You Need To Bid For Attention, Not Impressions

It's 2016 and majority of brands are still marketing like it's 2011. So, you have a Twitter account? That's freaking great. Nobody really cares unless you are engaging with the right people and getting their attention. So, you have a Facebook ... [continue reading]

Expanding Your Twitter Following with New Anchor App

In a previous post I talked about the new Anchor app that launched on February 9, 2016. Not only that but it was also an unofficial guide on how to disrupt the airwaves. At this point in time I am truly convinced that Anchor is an evolution of public ... [continue reading]

Focus on Substance Over Quantity in Your Content Marketing Initiatives

Content marketing is undoubtedly a viable method for building a solid business. It helps build an audience, provide perspective, and establish a solid community of followers. No, I am not speaking of a cult type of community. More precisely building ... [continue reading]

Anchor: A Beginner’s Guide to Disrupting the Airwaves

A new free mobile app is truly disrupting the face of podcasting. Anchor launched on February 9, 2016 for iOS users with the intent to change the digital airwaves forever. The New York-based startup is led by co-founders Nir Zicherman and Michael ... [continue reading]

Introducing ‘The Biz Grind’ YouTube Show

YouTube has been a channel that I have not put forth a valiant effort towards. And that has been mainly due to time constraints and priorities (that is not an excuse either). As  I reflect back on 2015 it has made me realize that I have experienced ... [continue reading]