Who is the 2016 Digital Marketer? Necessary Skills to Remain Relevant & Competitive

Another year slowly comes to an end. Marketing plans and budgets are in the final stages for most companies. Everyone is prepping up for a New year full of new surprises. 2015 was a phenomenal year that brought forth new consumer trends and patterns. ... [continue reading]

Essentials of PPC Keyword Match Types for Campaign Success

In a recent Strategic Search Engine Marketing course that I teach at UMSL , it became quite evident to me how extremely important the usage of proper keyword match types really is within a PPC campaign. As a matter of fact, probably one of the most ... [continue reading]

Why PPC is More Than Selling Clicks & Traffic

PPC endeavors have evolved significantly over the years. In the early days of Google AdWords, Yahoo! Small Business Marketing Solutions, and later Yahoo|Bind Ads Network advertising clicks and traffic served of utmost importance. PPC ... [continue reading]

The Google Chrome finally puts a damp on flash ads

Flash ads? Never really liked them to begin with and quite frankly have been rather irrelevant for several years now. So irrelevant to the point that Google's Chrome browser will now automatically pause flash ads. Yes, starting September 1, 2015 ... [continue reading]

Google Adometry Now Offers Search Response & TV Airings Data Attribution

Google's Adometry Platform Features

Terrestrial media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines drive consumer interest and generate awareness. TV and radio ads particularly spark interest in a consumer towards a specific brand, product, or service. Such behavior invokes search ... [continue reading]

The Mysteries Behind Google [x] You Probably Didn’t Know About

Google [x] Program

Even to this day when one hears the word Google they immediately think of a search engine. Probably one of the most common misconceptions in my opinion. In actuality, Google is an experimental/experiential company with a ton of cash and plenty of ... [continue reading]

Moving Search Forward: Are Microsoft & Yahoo Parting Ways?

Yahoo | Bing Search Alliance Partnership

On April 16, 2015 Yahoo published an announcement advising its users of an amendment to the existing search partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo companies. According to the announcement, the amended partnership will focus on strengthening the ... [continue reading]

Rebirth of the ‘Digital Marketing Revolution’ Podcast

Digital Marketing Revolution Podcast

I'm ecstatic to announce the rebirth of my Digital Marketing Revolution podcast. An experimental project that began back in December 2013. Unfortunately due to time constraints I was forced to put a lid on it after four episodes. After careful ... [continue reading]