Essentials of PPC Keyword Match Types for Campaign Success

In a recent Strategic Search Engine Marketing course that I teach at UMSL , it became quite evident to me how extremely important the usage of proper keyword match types really is within a PPC campaign. As a matter of fact, probably one of the most ... [continue reading]

Google AdWords Spring Cleaning on the Move for Unused Ads

Google AdWords unused ads

Every year Google undergoes a thorough spring cleaning sessions. Perhaps their attempt to flush out excess baggage from its AdWords platform. Their #1 money maker. This year follows the same trend and a spring cleaning session is the verge of ... [continue reading]

5 Things You Can Automate in Your Google Adwords PPC Account

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PPC is undoubtedly a viable search engine marketing strategy that remains of critical importance for targeted reach. Individual PPC campaigns vary each to their own. Some require a bit more time than others for ... [continue reading]

3 Main Reasons Why Google AdWords Advertising Works

Brands are continuously on the hunt for finding different ways to engage with new customers. Especially in today's competitive marketplace where a variety of avenues are available for consumer engagement. As part of the digital marketing mix, it's ... [continue reading]