Writing Content for the Age of Sophisticated Consumer

In today's modern digital age it is significantly more difficult and challenging to capture consumer attention. Each consumer absorbs in the vicinity of 1,500 different marketing messages on daily basis. We tend to respond towards 1%-2% of those at ... [continue reading]

What Does Content Marketing Evolution Mean For Your Business?

You've heard about content marketing and its importance within today's digital marketing mix. It's not anything new or at least I'd hope not for you and your business. The challenge with content marketing these days though pertain to substance. Yes, ... [continue reading]

Don’t Ignore Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) In Your SEO Endeavors

It is quite evident that Google is indeed in full pursuit of an internet takeover. Especially since the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) back in October 2015. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are intended to help deliver articles at a ... [continue reading]

Who is the 2016 Digital Marketer? Necessary Skills to Remain Relevant & Competitive

Another year slowly comes to an end. Marketing plans and budgets are in the final stages for most companies. Everyone is prepping up for a New year full of new surprises. 2015 was a phenomenal year that brought forth new consumer trends and patterns. ... [continue reading]

Google showing popular times for Starbucks in mobile local business listings

If you're Starbucks than chances are this is exciting news for customers. Especially the latte drinkers who may not only be gauging a feasible time frame to sneak in for caffeine reload but also free wi-fi. Google Local Business Listings are now ... [continue reading]

The Google Chrome finally puts a damp on flash ads

Flash ads? Never really liked them to begin with and quite frankly have been rather irrelevant for several years now. So irrelevant to the point that Google's Chrome browser will now automatically pause flash ads. Yes, starting September 1, 2015 ... [continue reading]

DIY SEO Efforts May Be Costing You an Arm & Leg

SEO is a heavily misconstrued traffic channel. Even in 2015 where online visibility and organic presence stands of utmost importance. Many brands still attempt to perform DIY SEO with intent of cutting costs. Truthfully, after nearly two decades of ... [continue reading]

A Single Determining Factor for Content Marketing Strategy Success

Content Marketing & Strategy Authenticity

Content marketing takes work, research, drafting, proofreading, referencing, and publishing. The average blog article, one that is thoroughly compiled can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. I'm talking about a piece of content intended to engage and ... [continue reading]