Writing Content for the Age of Sophisticated Consumer

In today's modern digital age it is significantly more difficult and challenging to capture consumer attention. Each consumer absorbs in the vicinity of 1,500 different marketing messages on daily basis. We tend to respond towards 1%-2% of those at ... [continue reading]

What Does Content Marketing Evolution Mean For Your Business?

You've heard about content marketing and its importance within today's digital marketing mix. It's not anything new or at least I'd hope not for you and your business. The challenge with content marketing these days though pertain to substance. Yes, ... [continue reading]

[Free Download] The Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 2)

SEO optimization checklist

This is a follow up to the previously published Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 1) article that I pushed out a little over a week ago. It received a highly unusual level of response which led me to believe that those of you out there found ... [continue reading]

The Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 1)

SEO optimization checklist

Update: A whitepaper download will be available upon completion of Part 2. Visibility in business is simply essential for success. Especially when it comes to SEO optimization and organic reach of potential customers in major search engines. How ... [continue reading]

[HOW TO] Find Content Ideas from Google Analytics for Your Blog

By now you've probably heard or even nibbled into content marketing. You know it's an essential ingredient to your marketing endeavors. In reality, the average online user absorbs somewhere around three to five pieces of content during the decision ... [continue reading]

Why Leveraging Medium.com As a Content Marketing Tool Matters

Remember when content marketing took off like crazy and spawned significant amount of interest amongst marketers? An essential avenue to utilize for subject matter expertise, brand voice establishment, awareness, visibility, and ultimately providing ... [continue reading]

Blogging Fundamentals Have Changed & So Should Your Content Strategy

Out with the old and in with the new. A familiar saying one would be reminded with when change is upon us. The blogging fundamentals previously utilized to assist with increased readership potential are changing rapidly. Primarily due to ... [continue reading]

So, You Want an Audience? What are You Going to Do About It?

These days, in a highly competitive and saturated market it's extremely difficult to catch and retain the attention of potential customers. Building a targeted audience requires far more than elbow grease and long hours. It demands a strategy, ... [continue reading]