Don’t Ignore Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) In Your SEO Endeavors

It is quite evident that Google is indeed in full pursuit of an internet takeover. Especially since the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) back in October 2015. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are intended to help deliver articles at a ... [continue reading]

Google showing popular times for Starbucks in mobile local business listings

If you're Starbucks than chances are this is exciting news for customers. Especially the latte drinkers who may not only be gauging a feasible time frame to sneak in for caffeine reload but also free wi-fi. Google Local Business Listings are now ... [continue reading]

Maneuvering the Politics of a SEO Campaign

SEO Campaign Development

"We've invested in SEO and it has not proven to be successful for our company." "Our company is handling SEO efforts in-house." "Our business breathes on referrals and we don't need SEO." Sound a bit too familiar? These are a few of the most common ... [continue reading]

Farewell SEO Link Building Initiative – It Was Fun While It Lasted

Modern SEO link building

There's one common question I've been asked by clients during the last couple of years - What does our link building strategy entail in? Excellent question! A recent interaction with a client on SEO ended up refreshing my memory on link building ... [continue reading]

Enhancing SEO Potential of Your Website Through Usage of Rich Snippets

Product Rich Snippet Preview Using Microdata

Ever wonder if there is anything missing to your website in the SERPs? Is your website truly pushing for maximum SEO potential in the organic results? For quite some time now, Google particularly has been displaying more granular information in the ... [continue reading]

[Free Download] The Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 2)

SEO optimization checklist

This is a follow up to the previously published Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 1) article that I pushed out a little over a week ago. It received a highly unusual level of response which led me to believe that those of you out there found ... [continue reading]

The Condensed SEO Optimization Checklist (Part 1)

SEO optimization checklist

Update: A whitepaper download will be available upon completion of Part 2. Visibility in business is simply essential for success. Especially when it comes to SEO optimization and organic reach of potential customers in major search engines. How ... [continue reading]

Quality vs. Quantity – Why Content Marketing Is the New Business Development

Using Content Marketing for Business Development

Qualitative or quantitative content? Focus on value and substance? Pump out more content in a shorter period of time or less quantity but more authority and in a longer period of time? Quality always precedes quantity. Regardless of what business ... [continue reading]