9 Reasons We All Need Social Media In Our Lives

Is social media appropriate for everyone? Should every person use social media on daily basis? How does social media impact our lives as human beings? Can we live without social media? ... [continue reading]

Twitter Announces Sticker Capabilities for iOS & Android

It has been quite evident for some time now that the micro-blogging platform Twitter is making valiant strides towards improvements of its platforms. Today it announced that new sticker capabilities will be rolled out over the next few weeks to its ... [continue reading]

Live Video Streaming Finally Arrives at YouTube

YouTube was the first platform to ever offer video streaming. Except that it was not in fact live video streaming. As a front runner in the video arena you would think that the world's largest video platform would have indeed already adapted live ... [continue reading]

[HOW TO] Carve Out a Solid Social Media Strategy – Lessons From Buffer

What does it take to be successful in the social media space? Is it more followers? Maybe more RTs? Possibly increased engagement? Generate more sales? Chances are all of the above and then some. Social media marketing remains a questionable area for ... [continue reading]

Expanding Your Twitter Following with New Anchor App

In a previous post I talked about the new Anchor app that launched on February 9, 2016. Not only that but it was also an unofficial guide on how to disrupt the airwaves. At this point in time I am truly convinced that Anchor is an evolution of public ... [continue reading]

Anchor: A Beginner’s Guide to Disrupting the Airwaves

A new free mobile app is truly disrupting the face of podcasting. Anchor launched on February 9, 2016 for iOS users with the intent to change the digital airwaves forever. The New York-based startup is led by co-founders Nir Zicherman and Michael ... [continue reading]

Introducing ‘The Biz Grind’ YouTube Show

YouTube has been a channel that I have not put forth a valiant effort towards. And that has been mainly due to time constraints and priorities (that is not an excuse either). As  I reflect back on 2015 it has made me realize that I have experienced ... [continue reading]

Who is the 2016 Digital Marketer? Necessary Skills to Remain Relevant & Competitive

Another year slowly comes to an end. Marketing plans and budgets are in the final stages for most companies. Everyone is prepping up for a New year full of new surprises. 2015 was a phenomenal year that brought forth new consumer trends and patterns. ... [continue reading]