The Simplified Social Media Management Checklist for Busy Professionals

Social Media Management Checklist

Social media continues to play a vital role in digital marketing. Brands and marketers equally are forced to adapt towards this fast-paced movement yet with no roadmap in hand to help them navigate the social maze. Managing a social media presences ... [continue reading]

The Demise of Google+ is On the Horizon

Remember when Google+ made its debut and the marketing world got bent out of shape? Like a new car smell everyone was gawking over the social media platform and anxious to dive right in. Limited invites were stretching around the block and down the ... [continue reading]

5 Internet Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore

[google1] Innovative marketing on the internet today presents a competitive challenge even for some of the most talented marketing gurus.  One thing remains true though - the web serves as a predominant playground that yields tremendous amount of ... [continue reading]

Expectations from Google+ Business Pages

Earlier this year world's largest marketing company rolled out its social media network competitor Google+.  Aimed to compete with Facebook and Twitter with dedication to providing a content driven effective platform for communication and lead ... [continue reading]

[HOWTO] Use Check-In Feature for Google+ On The Go

Location-based services give consumers and business owners the ability to communicate and stay connected on a whole new level.  Since the inception of such tools including FourSquare both consumers and business owners are leveraging location-based ... [continue reading]