Twitter Announces Sticker Capabilities for iOS & Android

It has been quite evident for some time now that the micro-blogging platform Twitter is making valiant strides towards improvements of its platforms. Today it announced that new sticker capabilities will be rolled out over the next few weeks to its ... [continue reading]

[HOW TO] Carve Out a Solid Social Media Strategy – Lessons From Buffer

What does it take to be successful in the social media space? Is it more followers? Maybe more RTs? Possibly increased engagement? Generate more sales? Chances are all of the above and then some. Social media marketing remains a questionable area for ... [continue reading]

Twitter introduces pinned tweets to desktop & mobile platforms

Recently Twitter introduced pinnable tweets or also known as "pinned tweets". The pinned tweets are free and currently available to select personal accounts. Those individuals eligible for such feature include politicians, public figures, ... [continue reading]

3 Reasons Emojis Will Enhance Your Tweeting Potential

Using Emojis in Tweets

3 Reasons Emojis Will Enhance Your Tweeting Potential Emojis aren't a new thing by any means. They have been used in text messaging endeavors for quite some time. Twitter seems to have caught onto this trend at last offering additional tweet ... [continue reading]

Periscope vs. Meerkat: Survival of The Fittest

Periscope vs Meerkat

Periscope, a mobile app owned and developed by Twitter, Inc. launched on Thursday 03/26. For many, it was interpreted as its Meerkat rival which went live at this year's SXSW event. The conference of all things tech, marketing, and tech where ... [continue reading]

The Meerkat Takeover, Stunning Live Video Capabilities & Untapped Marketing Potential

Meerkat iOS application

Did Meerkat step right over SnapChat? A company that is now valued at approximately $15 billion with no actual business model in place. Meerkat is sweeping the nation and world with its amazing live video streaming capabilities. An app that ... [continue reading]

The Simplified Social Media Management Checklist for Busy Professionals

Social Media Management Checklist

Social media continues to play a vital role in digital marketing. Brands and marketers equally are forced to adapt towards this fast-paced movement yet with no roadmap in hand to help them navigate the social maze. Managing a social media presences ... [continue reading]

Is Twitter Video an Upgrade, Necessity, or a Redundancy?

Recently, Twitter introduced a new feature to its arsenal. Users now have the ability to upload native video footage directly onto the social media platform. A long overdue addition, perhaps? Speculations are circulating in the social sphere raising ... [continue reading]