Live Video Streaming Finally Arrives at YouTube

YouTube was the first platform to ever offer video streaming. Except that it was not in fact live video streaming. As a front runner in the video arena you would think that the world's largest video platform would have indeed already adapted live ... [continue reading]

Introducing ‘The Biz Grind’ YouTube Show

YouTube has been a channel that I have not put forth a valiant effort towards. And that has been mainly due to time constraints and priorities (that is not an excuse either). As  I reflect back on 2015 it has made me realize that I have experienced ... [continue reading]

Add Interactive Layer To YouTube Videos Using New ‘Cards’

YouTube cards

Recently YouTube announced a new creative way to dress up videos on your channel. The new 'cards' feature allows users the ability to insert sales merchandise information, other video uploads, and YouTube playlists. This feature is particularly handy ... [continue reading]

The Simplified Social Media Management Checklist for Busy Professionals

Social Media Management Checklist

Social media continues to play a vital role in digital marketing. Brands and marketers equally are forced to adapt towards this fast-paced movement yet with no roadmap in hand to help them navigate the social maze. Managing a social media presences ... [continue reading]

Using 4 Social Media Avenues to Generate More Website Traffic

If you're a business entity in any vertical that's seeking to capitalize on the World Wide Web then perhaps you've heard of the words social media.  A medium for consumer engagement via social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTUBE & ... [continue reading]

5 Internet Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore

[google1] Innovative marketing on the internet today presents a competitive challenge even for some of the most talented marketing gurus.  One thing remains true though - the web serves as a predominant playground that yields tremendous amount of ... [continue reading]

Site Changes: Stepping Into New Waters

It was in 2009 when I initially realized the need and desire to start my own blog.  Although one of the things that I struggled with in the beginning was how to structure it and the individual areas I wanted to focus on.  So I did what I do best.  Up ... [continue reading]

Leveraging Social Media as a Customer Service Tool [HOWTO]

Many brands are still finding a hard time in leveraging social media the right way.  Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, or YouTUBE?  Which works best for your business model?  How do you leverage social media to quantify and measure your ROI?  Well, ... [continue reading]