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Navigating through the digital realm in today’s competitive business marketplace can be extremely challenging. How do you determine SEO and organic visibility? Does your brand require SEM focus for targeted traffic? What about your content marketing endeavors? Are you leveraging social media to its fullest potential?

I help small businesses establish a strong digital footprint on the web using innovative and proven marketing strategies including SEO, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Website Development. Here’s a few ways I can help propel your brand into the next level:

  • Development of a functional website that generates visibility and targeted leads. Not just an online brochure! One that will be optimized for SEO to ensure that  your company is found in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • A strategic content marketing plan that focuses on the establishment of a succinct brand voice, subject matter expertise, and authorship.
  • An SEO audit/marketing assessment and competitor analysis that ensures targeted positioning in the marketplace.
  • Custom digital marketing plan that outlines the parameters, needs, and tactical approach to strengthening your digital marketing footprint.
  • Assessment and development of a holistic social media marketing plan that ensures increased clout of your brand on the major social media networks.

Ok, so let’s recap the above in a more concrete fashion. Here is the exact service offering I can bring to the table consisting of two decades experience within the digital marketing umbrella.

  • General digital marketing consultation. Not sure which direction to go? No worries! Get in touch with me for a FREE 1 hour digital marketing consultationNo B.S. No Fluff…Pure Talk!
  • SEO Services – anything from SEO audits/marketing assessments, SEO action plans, competitor analysis, strategic semantic keyword research, and regular SEO management.
  • SEM/PPC – do you have an existing Google AdWords or Yahoo|Bing Network account? Are you struggling with identifying the best approach to targeted lead generation? Let’s talk today about campaign strategy, keyword selection, ad messaging, and most importantly conversion tracking. If your PPC account are not generating the results you hoped for than get in touch to discuss options.
  • Conversion Optimization – development of a functional conversion funnel stands of utmost importance. Gaining a deeper understanding into customer behavior. Not sure where to begin? Let’s talk today to discuss your options.
  • A/B Testing – a large part of digital marketing success relies upon variate testing. For example, landing page testing, bidding strategies, keyword fluctuation, and more. Let’s talk about your A/B/ testing endeavors in further detail.
  • Content Marketing – does your brand have succinct messaging or an existing voice? Are you capturing your audience attention through authoritative subject matter expertise and sharing of insightful information? A content marketing plan can help establish authorship in the marketplace and essentially build trust and confidence in potential customers. Let’s discuss your options today.
  • Social Media – planning, assessment, and development of a holistic social media marketing plan. Unsure about what social network you should be using for your brand? Have you nippled in social media and failed? Let’s chat about your social media options and find one that coincides with your brand.
  • Website Development – struggling to find the right CMS platform for your brand? I’ve worked with a variety of Open Source Solutions (OSS) including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Why use Open Source Solutions? Let’s discuss your options and a potential solution today.
  • Performance Reporting – if you can’t track it than you can’t measure it. Are your existing marketing endeavors paying dividends? Are you tracking current marketing endeavors? My extensive reporting format will help you pinpoint insight on the source of lead generation, successful campaigns, and help paint a visual for future strategies.

Still unsure where to begin? Call me today at (636) 224-8429 to discuss your challenges and struggles. You can also contact me directly for a FREE 1-hour digital marketing consultation.